This year has been exciting on the ranch. On Saint Patrick's day we had our first litter of puppies from Dilly, our blue heeler. She blessed us with 5 fun filled puppies!


The kids have absolutely enjoyed having them to love on and to run around with. I've dreaded this post for a long time because Chester has attached himself to Cooper the white puppy and Evalyn and Ivy have attached themself to Dotty the sweet girl of the bunch.                     

                                        Dotty a blue healer female pup.

Evalyn even holds her like a baby and sings to her. A part of me has secretly hoped that Jordan would let us keep two of them so I could skip over my children's heart aches that come from selling puppies. My heart right now is even just aching thinking about this. Last night when I went to post them for sale on Facebook (that they lovingly took down and gave me my first warning.) it took all of my might to press the post button. So here we are putting out the ISO a good owner. We would prefer a working ranching family or very active outdoors person. Someone who can make sure these beautiful puppies of ours are well taken care of. 

McGregor male blue healer boarder cross

Both the parents are working dogs. Dilly is got a lot of bite to her and a fantastic worker, she has never been afraid of the cattle even as a pup.  Oreo a Border Collie is smart as a whip and works right along side of Dilly (Oreo belongs to our hired man and is the half brother of Zoey, our Border Collie) 

So let me tell you about their personalities incase you are interested.

Dotty- Female - Color Blue - Sold

She is sweet and the runt of the family. She has a cute little dot right on top of her tail head and that's why she got her name  it was that or Elsa Heart and it was a hard barging for Evalyn not to call her that. 

McGregor- Male - White Black with Brown cheeks. half white ear. 

He is feisty and would make a good cow dog. He seams to be the leader of the group and likes to play and fight he and cooper are always the first ones  to check out the calves or horses in the corrals and already comes when I whistle, unless food is involved then I get ignored. 

Cooper- Male- All white with some blue markings  Pending sell 

He is such a sweet boy. He is the unique one out of the bunch and is right up there with McGregor in the cattle area. He is playful and smart finding way to get what he wants. He loves his belly rubbed. He sticks right around my feet when walking ( which we like) 

Lucky Jeans or LJ - Male- Collie coloring he is Shy but soo smart. He tends to stick to himself but still love a good belly rub. We call him LJ because the back markings look like there is pants and a butt crack showing.. Sooo Cute!! 


Shamrock aka "Rock"- Male- Blue 

This is our chunky monkey. He is sweet and playful he is a middle child where he doesn't get into much trouble by himself but does love to play with his siblings.


We would love to see these puppies go to a good home. We are asking $250 but if you are the right fit there just might be a discount. If you are interested you can call or  text Kari at 775-407-0039 


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