The Brough Family


Brough Family in front of iconic Red Barn

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic East Humboldt Mountain range, Brough Ranch got its start in 1947. Ferris and Marlene Brough, along with Ferris’s parents, Owen and Ivy and two of his brothers, Owen and Robert, bought a small ranch on the south end of Clover Valley.

Ferris had just returned from the War and was looking for a place to call home. He married the kind and caring , Marlene Schultz in June of  1949. They had 3 children, David, Wilde, and Dorian. They raised their children to love and take care of the land and cattle, instilling in each of their hearts an extra special love for Clover Valley. Ferris and Marlene ran the day-to-day operations for many years. They specialized in a commercial cow/calf operation.

Wilde and Sherry Brough

Ferris and Marlene joined up with their son, Wilde and Sherry in 1986 to purchase additional property in Clover Valley. They then formed Brough Partnership. In 2009 they pivoted to a stocker operation. At about the same time they purchased their first Wagyu cattle and. Wilde and Sherry raise their 6 children: David, Jeff, Brian, Emily, Jenna & Jordan on the ranch where they taught them all the value of hard work, love of animals, self-motivation, and many other valuable life lessons that made each everyone of their children successful in their endeavors. Jordan's goal has always been to stay on the ranch and continue working on the ranch like the generations before him.

Jordan and Kari Lyn with their family

After graduating college Jordan and Kari Lyn moved back to the ranch, helping with the daily operations and learning from Wilde and Sherry. During that time they where looking to diversify the ranch and so the concept of Brough Ranch Beef was started. Kari started to attend local farmers markets and selling beef to family and friends. Over the years they have 

Brough Children

been able to continue to grow both Brough Ranch and Brough Ranch Beef. They enjoy working along side Wilde, Sherry and their 3 children and sharing what we love with you.