Readers Choice Award - Article by Serenity K Orr


This year’s Readers’ Choice Best Ranch is Brough Ranch.

Brough Ranch, located in Clover Valley south of Wells, has been around since 1947. It is family owned and operated. They have grown, expanding and adjusting with the times.

The ranch’s niche is not just raising exceptional meat for market, but through the vision of Jordan and Kari Lyn Brough they now also deliver it to the locals. Their stock includes Angus and Wagyu.

“We had this idea that we would cut out the middleman and start selling it ourselves,” Kari Lyn Brough said. “Our first year was – looking back now – it was a complete flop. We went to two farmers markets and we sold maybe $500 at each farmers market, and then we sold two full head, and one was to my cousin,” she laughed.

“So, it was like, OK, let’s try again next year.”

The next year was another learning process, but growth happened. When the pandemic hit, it was a blessing in disguise for Brough Ranch. Kari Lyn explained that it was hard to keep the freezers full, but for good reasons.

“During the pandemic, everyone wanted ground beef. So we were selling out within hours of being on the website, which was amazing,” she said. “That had always been one of my goals was to sell out of product.”

Throughout the initial wave of the pandemic, customers would buy their product as soon as it was butchered, desiring to stock up on meat.

During that time, sales “really shifted from steaks and stuff like that to ground beef, because it’s more versatile. And about February, I saw it shift back to more people wanting more steaks,” Kari Lyn said.

Something exciting for Brough Ranch is restaurants that reached out to them as a supplier, locally at Luciano’s and even restaurants out of town. This year, they partnered with Luciano’s and Gardenzilla to do a unique dinner. “Everything came together. Luc had a wonderful meal and now,” Kari Lyn said, “we’re hoping to do it yearly.”

Customers can place an order online at their store,, where visitors can find not only quality meat, but recipes that are sure to please.

“We’re just a family.” Kari Lyn said, “A family ranch. But it’s cool that people enjoy it and that they are sharing it. We really don’t pay for advertising. It’s all been word of mouth. We appreciate everyone continuing to buy from us and being patient with us through the pandemic. People have just been great.”

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