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First, I want to make a disclaimer, I am not a writer, I am not a speller, I have never taken a marketing class in college or even a business class. But living where I do, being a ranchers wife, and part owner of Brough Ranch Beef, you have to wear many different hats and have to do things that are way out of your comfort zone. So here I am today, wearing my mom and my blogger hats, writing this post, trying to tell you about our family, our ranch, and why we do what we do. So please forgive me for misspelled words, wrong punctuation, and the occasional pause in writing these blogs because some days the only hat I wear is my mom one. 

I could write a whole blog on just Jordan and I and I most likely will in the future so you can really get to know our story. But, for this post I am going to keep it pretty simple. Our ranch got its start when Ferris and his parents Owen and Ivy joined together to by a little slice of heaven in Clover Valley after WWII. Here is an old photo of Ivy and Owen on their chairs with their children behind them. Ferris is the tall handsome fella in the back middle. His brother Bob, blondie behind Ivy, also helped out around the ranch. 

                        Owen and Ivy's family photo.

Ferris married Marlene had 3 children; David, Wilde, and Dorian.   

                Ferris and Marlene 50th wedding anniversary

This is where being an in-law has its draw backs. When Jordan and I got married Grandpa Ferris had already past away and grandma Marlene was suffering from Alzheimer's. So all I know is the stories and what others where able to tell me about them. One thing is for sure Ferris and Marlene where liked by everyone. 

Next in the line up of Broughs are Wilde and Sherry. Its hard to sum up in this short paragraph all the wonderfulness they are. Sherry has to be Superwoman because she can do it all! She works right besides Wilde and makes it look good. From book work, cattle work, and being an awesome Grandmother, I am not sure how she finds time to do it all.  

 Wilde and Sherry

Wilde is one of those men that you will never forget. When people who know him find out I am his daughter-in-law they always have a story to tell me about Wilde in his younger years and I am always amazed by the stories they tell. Along with the ranch they raise Jeff, Brian, Emily, Jenna, Jordan and cousin David L. As a daughter in law I couldn't ask for better in-laws.  We are so lucky to be able to have them and all the knowledge they posses and share with us.

 Brough Family

 Our Family photograph from summer 2020.

 Jordan and I are the next to take over some reins of Brough Ranch. Jordan has always wanted to come back to the ranch. Remember how I said I could write a whole blog about just us, Ive wrote and deleted and wrote and deleted because, it was a bit long. Lets just keep it as this, we have three beautiful, crazy, free range children "C", "E", & "I". In 2015 we moved back to the ranch full time and have been enjoying working beside Wilde, Sherry and our children.

Jordan & Kari's family

Brough Kids

When Jordan and I moved back to the ranch we all knew that we needed something to make our mark on the ranch. Wilde and Sherry suggested that we try to sell our Wagyu beef at a local level. Our first year, even though at the time I thought was a huge success, was a bit of a flop. Thankfully, each year we have been blessed to meet more people who have, like us, became Brough Ranch Beef spoiled and have shared us with their friends and families. Our goal is to see that you get the best cut of meat that we have, no matter if  you order ground beef or a Prime Rib you will get the best we have to offer. 

So if you are like my sister, I apologize for the cringeworthily writing, but I hope you enjoyed reading about our family and a little about the ranch. I hope you check back to see more about what is going on around the ranch. 





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  • Hello Kari,
    Thanks for posting this history of the Brough Ranch. i remember going there as a kid and hanging out with Ferris and Wilde. My grandpa is Bob Brough (by the way Bob is the one on the far right of that 1st picture). I remember Jordan from when he lived with Bob for a while, but didn’t get to know him well and I don’t really know any of the rest of the family. I stopped by the ranch a couple years ago to say Hi to Wilde, but it would be awesome to get to know the rest of the Broughs down there. Would appreciate some updated posts and info. Thanks

    Ben Brough

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